Sensei Steve
Sensei Stephan Scrop
2nd Degree Black Belt (Ni-Dan)

Born October 30th, 1963 in New York, New York. He is presently living in Pompano Beach
and works for the Miami Dade Fire Department. He studied Tae Kwon Do in 1987 for a
short time. In 1997, while attending Broward Community College, in the R.N. program, he
started training under Hanshi Wendell. In 2000 he also trained in Aikido under Sensei
Ralph Singer. He also sails, studies yoga and spends time with his daughter Stephanie. In
2004 he received his Sho-Dan. After becoming a Lieutenant  in the Miami-Dade Fire
Department, in 2006 he received his Ni-Dan in Mushin Goju Ryu.

A  Few Words About Hanshi Wendell
From the first day that I took a class with Hanshi Wendell I knew I had unquestionably
found my martial arts home. This was the place I wanted to pursue my path in the martial
arts. I have always enjoyed Hanshi’s calm, patient manner and his impeccable attention to
detail as well as his non-judgmental attitude. Hanshi represents a Sensei, mentor, and a
friend. It is an honor for me to be able to train under Hanshi Wendell.

Stephan Scrop
Instructor, Mushin Goju Ryu
2nd Degree Black Belt
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