Sensei Joseph Torraca
2nd Degree Black Belt (Ni-Dan)

Born March 19th, 1984 in Madrid, Spain. He fell in love with martial arts when he saw
his first Bruce Lee movie on an old black and white television set. As a child he trained
briefly in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu, at the age of 14 he started training in Nisei Goju
Ryu under Hanshi Wendell. His brother, Juan, who had been training at the time,
introduced him. He has competed locally in South Florida and has never failed to place
in any tournament he entered. He was the point’s champion in Kata and Kumite for the
International Martial Arts Association for two years in a row. In 2004 he received his
Sho-Dan. Torraca aspires not to be admired, but to become truly enlightened. Joe has
graduated with a Bachelors Degree from UCF, and in 2006 received his Ni-Dan in Mushin
Goju Ryu. He is currently living in Orlando area and pursuing his Master degree.

A  Few Words About Hanshi Wendell
Until I met Hanshi Wendell, I had never known anyone to posses such great power, yet
yield it with the utmost love and compassion. Hanshi openly invites all people to come
and enjoy the feeling of effortless technique, which, if humbly accepted and studied,
will inevitably lead to a feeling of euphoria and love. Undoubtedly gifts from our
omnipotent creator, that is one of many things that sets Hanshi apart. While others
seek greatness through hard work and contrived images of themselves, he seeks the
face of god, the truth.

Joseph Torraca
Instructor, Mushin Goju Ryu
2nd Degree Black Belt
Sensei Joe
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