Renshi Jim Correll
4th Degree Black Belt (yon-Dan)

Correll was born September 18, 1953.  He is married with two children, Parker and Jessica.  He lives in
Naples, Florida where he is a postal worker.  Correll started in martial arts in 1979 to get and stay out of
trouble on the streets.  He seems to have made an agreement with the local police to try it out.  Sensei
Richard Ross, also a policeman, instructed him in Isshin Ryu karate.  In 1979 he also took 3rd place in kumite
in the US Open.  In the spring of 1983 he started training with Hanshi Wendell.  In November of 1983 he took
1st place in the Miami Pan Am Open.  He also was promoted to Ni-Dan in Isshin Ryu karate by Sensei Ross.  On
January 11, 1984 he received his brown belt in Nisei Goju Ryu.  On May 24, 1984 he tested and received his
Sho-Dan in Nisei Goju Ryu. Finally, on December 15, 1986 he received his Ni-Dan in Nisei Goju Ryu.  Shortly
thereafter, he moved to Naples were he has lived since and trains with Hanshi whenever he gets a chance to
drive over. Correll received his San-Dan in 2003. He is also currently cross training in Brazilian Ju Jitsu,  
Aiki-Jitsu, and muay thai. In 2004 he competed and took first place in Kumite in the ISKA Open in Orlando,
Florida. He opened his first school, the Bushido Karate Club, part of Mushin Ryu Martial Arts, in 2005. In
2007 Sensei Correll received a 4th Dan from Sensei Ross in Isshin Ryu. In 2008 he recieved his 4th dan in
mushin goju ryu.

Jim Correll
renshi Mushin Goju Ryu
4th Degree Black Belt
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