Sensei Ed
Sensei Ed Kiesel
1st Degree Black Belt (Sho-Dan)

Born, March 2, 1955, in Brooklyn New York.  Kiesel began training in martial arts
in 1974 in New York for a brief period, and then he moved to Florida where he met
Hanshi Bill Wendell.  After training for a long time under Hanshi Wendell he
started competing and as a green belt he took the state title for that division.  As
a brown belt he was selected “Competitor of the Year” and took the state title for
that division as well.   His dedication to the arts became a commitment to hard
training and competition as well as a challenge to see how he stood in the martial
arts world.  

After hearing all the incredible stories about Shihan Frank Ruiz, Sensei Robert
Escoto, Sensei John Giordano, Hanshi Bill Wendell, and Sensei Herbie Thompson, it
became evident that his desire was to make his dreams a reality.  Training and
competition were very intense for many years going up against some of the best
competitors in the United States.  Taking 1st place in kata and kumite in some of the
most prestigious tournaments in the United States such as the US Open, Empire
State Karate Championships, USKA Nationals, The Battle of Atlanta, Ed Parkers
Karate Championships, and the Florida State Championships.  As a 1st degree black
belt in 1986 Kiesel was rated 3rd in the state of Florida in kata and kumite and 5th
in the weapon division.

A  Few Words About Hanshi Wendell
The time away from martial arts became an empty space in my life, and many times I
had thoughts of training again and knew it would not be easy. I believed it was a
loss of face to have a Sensei so dedicated to his students and not to have a
student as dedicated to their Sensei. The time and effort that was put forth in my
training was immeasurable and the achievements that were made could have never
been made, had it not been for the time, effort, and patience of Hanshi Wendell. He
is a great martial artist a great Sensei, but most of all he is the best friend I've
ever known. It is an honor to train under Hanshi Wendell once again.

Ed Kiesel
Mushin Goju Ryu
1st Degree Black Belt
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